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Our By Laws (Revised October 2003)


The name of the organization shall be the Javelina Alumni Association, (hereinafter called the Association).


The purpose of the Association shall be to unite alumni and current students by keeping them connected and involved in the promotion of the university's educational mission of excellence.

The Association and its chapters shall also recognize the intricate relationship that exists with the Texas A&M University-Kingsville Foundation, Inc. in its role as a supporter of the University and mutual needs which must be met through the cooperative efforts of the Association, its regional chapters and the Foundation.


Section 1. Eligibility of Membership.

A. MEMBER is defined as any former student of Texas A&M University-Kingsville, Texas A&I University, Texas College of Arts and Industries, South Texas State Teachers College or Texas Normal College at Kingsville, whether a graduate or not, or any past or present member of the faculty or staff, or any person who evidences a genuine interest in the welfare of the University.

B. ACTIVE MEMBER. An individual becomes an Active Member of the Association upon payment of the annual dues.

C. HONORARY MEMBER is defined as any person who has performed some noteworthy or significant service to the University may be named an Honorary Member of the Association by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Javelina Alumni Association Board of Directors, hereinafter called the Alumni Board.

D. STUDENT MEMBER is defined as a currently enrolled graduate or undergraduate student of the University. Once the student is no longer enrolled, membership will be transferred to Active Membership status and will be billed accordingly.

Section 2. Dues.

The Alumni Board shall determine annual membership dues and the means and time for payment.


Section 1. General Powers.

The Alumni Board of Directors shall be the governing and policy making body of the Association. It shall represent all alumni of the University.

A. The Alumni Board shall be responsible for the management of the affairs of the Association.

B. It shall determine the policies and programs of the Association and shall provide for the close and continuous coordination of programs with the University and the Foundation.

C. The Alumni Board shall endeavor to assist the University in every possible manner and through its members secure the interest and cooperation of all alumni and other friends of the University.

D. The Alumni Board shall be responsible for formulation and implementation of certain alumni programs and events including but not limited to,

1. The criteria, process, and selection of recipients of the Distinguished Alumnus and Rising Star awards;

2. The planning and implementation of alumni programs and functions at Homecoming;

3. The coordination of efforts with the Offices of Outreach and Enrollment Management Services and Student Financial Aid Services to award Alumni merit scholarships to students from funds derived through alumni donations.

4. And the coordination of efforts with the Faculty Senate to award Distinguished Teaching and Research awards to deserving faculty.

Section 2. Composition.

A. The Alumni Board shall be selected from graduates of any college of the University.

B. The Alumni Board shall be composed of no more than 33 total members, to be comprised of the following:

1. Ideally, at least One (1) and no more than Three (3) Area Representatives from each region represented by a regional chapter.

2. Not more than Eight (8) At-Large positions to be filled by any graduate of the University

3. The President of the University's Student Government Association.

4. Three (3) Ex-Officio members, one representing each of the following:

a. The President of the Javelina Booster Club.

b. The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Texas A&M University-Kingsville Foundation, Inc.

c. The Director of the Office of Public Affairs Office at A&M-Kingsville.

Section 3. Alumni Board Members = Duties.

The members of the Board of Directors shall have the following duties:

A. Attend all meetings of the Alumni Board each year. Expenses for such meetings shall be the responsibility of the individual Alumni Board member. Failure to attend 3/4 of the regular meetings of the Alumni Board during a year = s time shall result in automatic dismissal unless a majority of the Alumni Board votes to waive dismissal.

B. Attend regional alumni chapter activities and/or meetings within the member = s area and promote membership recruitment in each chapter.

C. Assist regional chapter presidents in planning club functions, fund raising activities, and student recruitment and retention programs.

D. Assist in establishing regional chapters.

E. Be a vocal advocate of higher education in general and the University in particular.

F. Attend an annual Alumni Board orientation session during the initial year on the Board of Directors.

G. Be an active member of the Javelina Alumni Association at any of the Century Club giving levels.

H. Ideally, recruit at least ten individuals per year as members of the Association or regional chapters and actively participate in fund raising activities.

Section 4. Alumni Board Officers and Duties.

A. The officers shall include the President, President Elect, , Treasurer, Secretary and Immediate Past President.

B. The PRESIDENT shall preside at all meetings of the Alumni Association Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, and the Orientation Session.

1. The President shall be responsible for the general direction of the Association and shall serve as its official representative. He/she shall appoint all Committees of the Alumni Board and be an ex-officio member of each committee. He/she shall perform such other duties as may pertain to the office.

2. The President shall maintain a strong and effective relationship with the university, shall represent the Association at University and Foundation functions, and shall develop and implement programs to ensure the establishment of contact with all new graduates.

3. The President shall serve as Chairman of the Strategic Planning Committee. As Chairman of such Committee, he/she shall remain informed on the status of the University = s academic programs by communicating with the President of Texas A&M University-Kingsville on a regular basis.

4. He/she shall represent the Association at all commencement ceremonies, as well as other university ceremonies and convocations where appropriate.

C. The PRESIDENT-ELECT shall execute the duties and responsibilities of the President in his absence, shall be the immediate successor to the President should he/she be unable to fulfill his duties at any time during his/her term of office and shall:

1. Be the immediate successor to the President upon completion of his/her term of office.

2. Chair the Membership Committee.

3. Be chairman of the Nominating committee and execute the duties of the committee as established by the Association Bylaws.

D. The SECRETARY shall record the official minutes of the Association = s meetings and shall supervise the maintenance of all the Association = s records. In addition, the Secretary shall:

1. Be chairman of the Public Affairs/Marketing Committee.

2. Ensure all corporate records and official minutes are accurate, complete, and adequately safeguarded.

3. Ensure that all minutes are signed by the President and Secretary and delivered to the Alumni Office Director for archiving.

E. The TREASURER shall:

1. Be Chairman of the Finance Committee and shall be the Association = s financial advisor.

2. Review the accounting and distribution of all funds of the Association.

3. Present budget recommendations to the Alumni Board at the time of the budget preparation for the subsequent year with the aid of the Alumni Director.

4. Conduct periodic reviews of all accounting records of the Association and verify their accuracy to the Alumni Board at all meetings.

5. Present quarterly financial reports to the Alumni Board and make the same available to all active members at quarterly Board meetings.

6. Ensure that all financial reports are signed by the President and Treasurer and delivered to the Alumni Office Director for archiving.

F. The PAST PRESIDENT shall aid in the transition and act as a resource to new executive committee members.


Section 1. Committee Assignments.

The president of the Alumni Board shall appoint each Alumni Board Member to membership on at least one of the standing committees by the President of the Association. Such appointment shall be made at the Annual mandatory business meeting during Homecoming and shall be for a term of one year.

Section 2. Standing Committees.

The responsibilities and duties of each of the standing committees can be found in the Policy and Procedure Manual of the Javelina Alumni Association. The committees to which members may be appointed are as follows:

A. Nominating Committee.

B. Finance Committee.

C. Strategic Planning Committee.

D. Public Affairs/Marketing Committee.

E. Membership Committee.

F. Homecoming Committee.

G. Bylaws Revision Committee.

H. Executive Committee.


Section 1. General Membership Meetings and Quorum.

A. An annual meeting of the general membership of the Association shall be held during the Fall each calendar year at Kingsville , Texas in conjunction with Homecoming festivities of the University. The Alumni Board will determine the exact time and place of such meeting. The members present at any general meeting shall constitute a quorum. Only active members who are current with respect to payment of their dues shall vote and each member shall have one vote.

B. Other general meetings of the membership of the Association may be held at the call of the President of the Association acting with the consent of a majority of the Alumni Board.

C. The President of the Association shall cause notice of such meeting to be sent to all members of the Association.

D. No individual at general meetings or members of the Association shall be entitled to vote by proxy.

Section 2. Alumni Board of Directors Meetings.

A. The Alumni Board shall hold not less than four (4) regular meetings throughout each calendar year, including one mandatory Business meeting to be held immediately prior to the annual General Membership meeting at Homecoming, with other meetings to be determined by the President of the Association with consent of a majority of the Alumni Board.

B. The President of the Alumni Board will announce any special meetings.

C. For a specific purpose or agenda, the President has the authority to conduct telephonic, e-mail, teleconference, fax, or written votes on matters where timing is critical and no other business is to be conducted. Referendum format will be utilized.

D. The President shall notify by mail, e-mail or phone all members of the Alumni Board of all regular or special meetings at least five (5) days in advance of such meetings unless the members of the Alumni Board waive notice.

E. For the purpose of transacting business at the Board of Directors meetings, active Alumni Board Members present shall constitute a quorum. This number shall include officers of the Alumni Board.

1. The President shall have the authority to schedule an executive session as an item on the agenda of a Alumni Board Meeting.

2. Upon announcement that the Alumni Board is about to enter executive session, all guests, and ex-officio members of the Alumni Board shall be requested to depart the meeting or unless expressly requested to remain by the presiding officer.

Section 3. Selection of Alumni Board members.

A. The President, President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer shall be elected and hold office in accordance with the provisions of Article VII of these bylaws.

B. With the exception of Ex-Officio members and the Student Government president, Alumni Board members will be elected by the officers of the Association in accordance with the provision of Article VII of these bylaws:

1. Individuals elected in this manner will serve for a term of three (3) years.

2. An individual may serve a second three-year term upon the recommendation of the President of the Association with consent of a majority of the Alumni Board

3. Ideally, the terms of one-third (1/3) of such members shall expire each year so that there will be new Alumni Board members elected prior to the beginning of each term according to Article VII, Section 1, A.

C. The Student Government president and ex-officio members shall serve as long as they hold their position with the entities that determine their membership

Section 4. Resignations and Vacancies.

In the event of resignation or other action resulting in a vacancy on the Alumni Board prior to the regularly scheduled end of a member = s term, the procedures outlined the Policy and Procedure Manual will be followed. Ex-Officio vacancies will be filled by appointment of a replacement by the respective executives who initially appointed the outgoing member of the Alumni Board.


Section 1. Parties elected.

A. All new members of the Alumni Board shall be nominated by the Alumni Board and elected during the annual General Membership meeting of the Association. Ideally, the total number of newly elected members on the slate of vacancies to be filled shall be 10 new members per year.

1. The new Alumni Board members shall be elected by the General Membership present at the General Membership meeting held immediately prior to Homecoming in accordance with the provisions of these bylaws.

B. The members of the Alumni Board shall also elect officers at its annual mandatory Business meeting immediately prior to Homecoming.

1. The President shall be elected for one (1) year.

2. The President-Elect shall be elected for one (1) year, and shall serve in the absence of the president, and thereafter serve as President the following term.

3. If neither the president nor the president-elect can serve, the Board of Directors will hold a Special Election at a regular or special meeting to elect new officers

4. The Secretary shall be elected for one (1) year.

5. The Treasurer shall be elected for 1 (one) year.

6. Any person may be nominated to a position as an officer of the Alumni Board after they have completed at least one year as a member of the Alumni Board.

Section 2. Selection of Candidates.

A. On or before July 1 each year, the President shall appoint a Nominating committee composed of any eight Alumni Board Members and the President-Elect. The President-Elect shall chair the Nominating Committee.

B. The names of proposed candidates for positions as in-coming members of the Alumni Board shall be submitted to the Registrar no later than July 31 st for graduation confirmation.

Section 3. Qualifications.

A. Each candidate for election to positions as members or officers of the Alumni Board must be certified as being in good standing with the Association.

1. A candidate for office as a director or official of the Association must be in good standing at the time his name is placed on the ballot.

2. A person is in good standing for nomination as a member or officer of the Alumni Board if he/she is current in terms of his donations at the time of election.

Section 4. Assumption of Duties.

Candidates elected as members of the Alumni Board and current Alumni Board members elected as Officers of the Alumni Board will assume office at the induction ceremonies during Homecoming weekend.

Section 5. Parliamentary Authority.

Parliamentary Authority for this organization shall be Robert = s Rules of Order (latest edition), except where otherwise stated in the Bylaws.


Section 1. Fund for Excellence.

The Alumni Fund for Excellence shall be the official annual fund raising program for the maintenance of the Association and shall include notifying individuals of requirements for dues as well as the solicitation of funds for the annual Century Club participation.

Section 2. Alumni Endowments.

A. The Association shall authorize two endowment funds.

1. The Lifetime Century Club program.

2. The Academic Excellence Endowment program.

B. All endowed monies shall be administered in such a fashion as to ensure that they remain segregated from any general operating funds of the association and in a manner that shall also ensure that the proceeds from their investment are segregated from any general funds of the Association.

C. Endowment funds and the proceeds from their investment may not be used for general operations under any circumstances.

D. All Academic Endowments will be accompanied by a written statement from the donor describing the terms under which the donation is made and the purpose and criteria for award of any scholarships derived from the investment of those endowed funds.

Section 3. Designated Gifts.

A. Gifts designated to chapters; colleges or departments will be transferred to the specific chapter, college or department immediately upon receipt.

B. Gifts may further be designated as to their purpose. For example, a gift designated to one of the Colleges or Departments may be further designated for the purpose of scholarship or to a general operating fund.

C. Donors contributing to the alumni annual fund whose gifts are fully or partially designated for a specific chapter, college or department will receive credit toward the designated program of choice.

Section 4. Matching Gifts.

A. Donors participating in matching gifts programs will receive credit to the extent that their gifts and matching gifts directly support the association or its programs.

B. Donors will not receive credit for matching gifts until they are received from their corporations.


Section 1. Proposal.

A. Amendments to these Bylaws shall be adopted by a majority vote of the members of the Alumni Board following two consecutive readings of the proposed amendment.

B. Any member of the Alumni Board may propose an amendment to these Bylaws. Said proposal must be submitted in writing and set forth the specific amendment to be changed.

C. Proposals must be submitted in sufficient time to publish the proposed amendments to the entire Alumni Board prior to the next regular or specially called meeting.

D. All proposed amendments to these Bylaws must be submitted for reading and review at a regular meeting of the Alumni Board.

E. The second reading of the proposed amendment shall take place at the next regular or specially called meeting. Following the second reading, the Alumni Board may vote on the proposed amendments.

Section 2. Amending Procedure.

A. Upon adoption, amendments shall be inserted in the place in these Bylaws, which they change. The portions amended shall be deleted.

B. Those amendments that are added shall be placed in additional sections in the articles to which they pertain


Section 1. Jurisdiction and organization.

A. All regional chapter leaders and members fall under the jurisdiction of the Javelina Alumni Association Bylaws.

B. Each chapter must submit to the Alumni Board a copy of the Articles of Organization.

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